Managing multi-level terminals

Multi-level terminals are specific terminals on which you can connect several wires or cable cores. They have several circuits unlike the single terminals that have one and only one circuit. To identify multi-level terminals, you can set a special marking by indicating the level number.

Multi-level terminal mark

The multi-level terminal marking is not set in the project configuration as the other elements. Each terminal can have its own mark style. You can use the same mark style than the symbols or use a specific marking in which you have the terminal number, a separator character (a dot) and the level number; for example 1.3 represents the terminal 1, level 3.

The Component properties dialog box allows you to affect the multi-level terminal mark as the others components. In the Mark section, select the Use level marks option to activate this previous mark style. If you prefer to mark the multi-level terminals as the other components, use the traditional marking mode (Automatic or Manual).

Create or edit multi-level terminals

To create a multi-level terminal, you must become to create single terminals. Then, you have to group several terminals to generate a multi-level terminal. To do that, you have two possibilities.


Using reserved terminals: In the terminal strip editor dialog box, create as many reserved terminals as you need. Manage the levels from these terminals. In the schematic drawing, when you insert the terminal, in the Terminal symbol properties dialog box, select the existing terminal (and level) in the component tree (on the top-right of the dialog box).


Define the levels in the Terminal strip editor: The second possibility is to insert single terminals in the schematic drawings and to manage the levels in the Terminal strip editor dialog box.

Renumber multi-level terminals

The Renumber terminal strip terminals dialog box has a section, specific to the multi-level terminals. To help you to understand the result, a graphic displays it according to the selected options.

See the Renumber terminals chapter for more information about this feature.

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