Renumber terminals

Terminal strip editor: Renumber

Reorder terminals: Renumbering parameters


A dialog box opens allowing you to select the renumbering parameters.

Recalculate terminal order number

Start number: Enter the number of the first terminal.

Step: Enter the value of the step (+ n in relation to the previous number).


All terminals: Renumbers all the terminals of the terminal strip.

Selected terminals and levels: Renumbers only the terminals you have selected.


Recalculate manual marks: If you activate this option, the manual marks are also recalculated.

Renumber only terminals: Will not process components defined by symbols.

Level numbering

This section only concerns the multi-level terminals renumbering.

Force mark mode: This option allows you to select the mark mode you want to apply to the renumbered multi-level terminals.

Bottom to Top / Top to Bottom: Select the direction of the renumbering increment.

Vertical / Horizontal: Select the direction of the renumbering increment. The Horizontal mode is only available if you selected the Force mark mode > Use level mark option.


To help you to understand the result, a graphic displays it according to the selected options.

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