Assign manufacturer part

Manufacturer parts are managed within a catalog, which you can add to as needed. Every component managed within elecworks™ can have one or more manufacturer parts associated with it. Manufacturer parts have several applications in the software, according to element type.

When a manufacturer part is associated with an element, the drawing is automatically updated, including the cross references and device terminal numbers on the symbol.


In the specific tab of each component type, click the Search button to access to the manufacturer part selection dialog box.


This tab displays manufacturer part classifications in tree form.

The left side of the dialog box shows the manufacturer part classifications. The right shows the manufacturer parts in the currently selected classification.


Filter the manufacturer parts list. All filter criteria are present in the manufacturer part properties.

The right side of the dialog box displays the manufacturer parts corresponding to the selected criteria.

Remove filters: Removes all filter criteria.


There are two options for searching manufacturer parts. Check the Automatic refresh box to automatically display a list of manufacturer parts.

If this box is unchecked, the list of manufacturer parts is only updated when you click the Search button.


Classification: Selecting a class will help with the search. Select one in the Classification tab or by clicking the [...] button. The class then becomes the first search criteria.

Manufacturer: Select the manufacturer to see its references.

Type: Indicates if the manufacturer part you are looking for is a base, auxiliary or accessory type to narrow down the search.

Reference: If you already know the manufacturer part reference you want to associate, enter it into the Reference field.

The list will then be filtered according to the text entered in this field.

Description: If you know a keyword in the description, enter it in the Description field. The list will be filtered to show only the manufacturer parts containing the keyword in the description.


Manages the quantity you want to add.

Adds the selected manufacturer part.

Replaces the previously allocated manufacturer part with the part selected in the list.

Deletes all the manufacturer parts which you have associated.

Used to order the manufacturer part.


Assign manufacturer part to component

A component is an electrical device that has a manufacturer part associated with it.

When you create a component, elecworks™ automatically prompts you to associate a manufacturer part with it.

Assign manufacturer part to symbol

 Symbol properties: Manufacturer part and circuits


The lower part of the dialog box shows a list of circuits that constitute the component (all symbols composing the device).

Click the Search button to search for a manufacturer part.


The contextual menu for the manufacturer part lets you access its properties and activate or deactivate circuit testing.


When testing is activated, elecworks™ compares the circuits of the component (symbols) with the circuits contained in the manufacturer part.



The green color indicates consistency between the symbol's circuits and the circuits in the manufacturer part.

The red color indicates an inconsistency. Certain circuit symbols are not present in manufacturer parts. You will have to add auxiliaries or modify your symbols within the manufacturer part.

The blue color indicates that the manufacturer part contains circuits which are not represented in the symbol (reserved circuits).

Assign manufacturer part to location

Location properties: Manufacturer parts


Click the Search button in the manufacturer parts tab to search for a manufacturer part.

Assign manufacturer part to terminal

Terminal strip editor: Manufacturer parts > Assign manufacturer part

Terminal properties: Manufacturer parts and circuits


Select the terminals you want to apply a manufacturer part to and click the Manufacturer parts icon.

Assign manufacturer part to terminal strip

Terminal strip properties: Manufacturer parts and circuits


Click the Search button in the Manufacturer parts tab to search for a manufacturer part. The selected manufacturer part is assigned to the terminal strip, not to the terminal. This feature can be used to select accessories of the terminal (not be confused with a component).

Manual referencing

In all the previous cases, the manufacturer part is taken from a manufacturer catalog. You may also enter a manufacturer part manually, for example when the manufacturer part you need is absent in the catalog and does not need to be permanently entered.


Properties dialog boxes: Manufacturer part > Add manually


Enter the parameters and confirm the data by pressing the OK button.


When the part and name of the manufacturer is entered and the part already exists in the catalog, a message appears asking if you wish to retrieve the properties from the existing manufacturer part or simply continue entering its properties.


If the manufacturer part is already in the catalog, click the OK button. If the properties of the new manufacturer part are different from the properties of the existing part, a message appears asking you if you want to update the catalog with the new data or simply apply the data to the component.


When entering a new manufacturer part, elecworks™ then asks if you wish to add this manufacturer part to the manufacturer catalog.

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